About Pumpkin Patch Teachers Training Academy


Early childhood education or pre-schooling has emerged as a specialized field for imparting quality education. The need is to encourage inquisitiveness in children, guide them to seek information & acquire knowledge.No more tutoring, but learning in unconventional yet interesting way! As an extension of our service to young children we decided to start PPTA.

Early childhood education is one of the most talked about topics in parent and teacher circles today. Psychological and behavioural sciences have established the fact that a child’s personality is formed between the ages of 0-7 years. As such, children belonging to this age group are the most vulnerable, physically, mentally and emotionally. Hence, teachers for pre-schoolers should have the necessary traits and training to deal with the issues arising out of the day-to-day handling of children belonging to this age group.

Pre-school teachers should have a clear knowledge of the developmental milestones for the children between 0-7 years of age and should also be clear about the areas of development and the types of intelligences. All this is made possible by providing formal training to the pre-school teachers, both pre-service and in-service.

The Pumpkin Patch Training Academy (PPTA) has been functional since 2010. Currently, it has a strength of 6 learners who are undergoing rigorous training to assist them in starting a career in EYCE. Our learners get hands-on experience at every level, which help them in increasing their professional competencies. PPTA Learners enthusiastically participate in all school events like Funfair, Annual concert, Sports and various event celebrations. They also go through an internship program in the school.

The learners conduct various lessons, games, physical and sensory activities, science experiments and much more. They also participate in field trips and visit places of relevance to early childhood education. They gather a vast knowledge under the guidance and supervision of Asmita Tr. which makes them ready to enter the field of formal early childhood education.

The Purpose

Pumpkin Patch Teachers’ Training Academy prepares learners to become committed and confident educators in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education. We aim at providing a high quality, comprehensive training program with an ideal blend of theory and practical experiences. We wish to create an environment which will enable individuals – parents, teachers and care givers to value various aspects of development in child’s early years.

PPTA Faculty
Mrs. Tanuja Sabale – Principal

Tanuja Tr. is a certified early childhood educator from New Zealand Tertiary College and bachelors in education. She has rich experience of 9 years in Early Childhood Education. She is associated with Pumpkin Patch since 2008. She has been designing curriculum for preschoolers and guiding teachers for the same.

Mrs. Asmita S Bhosale: Coordinator

Asmita Tr. is a highly proficient child care professional with a Masters in Child Care and Education from Aligappa University, Chennai. Coupled with this she has graduated from Science and Education from Pune University. She has an experience of 12 years in preschool education. Asmita is associated with Pumpkin Patch since 2007.She has been instrumental in training young aspirants who wish to join the early childhood profession and has played a pivotal role in designing the Project based curriculum for Pumpkin Patch.

Mrs Meghana Naik: Faculty

Meghana Tr, Masters in Clinical Psychology from Pune University. She has been into teaching line for last 10 years. She has experience of working in an inclusive school as a Remedial Teacher and Counselor. She has designed Individual Education Plans for children with Special Needs. She has been with Pumpkin Patch since 2008.Meghana is associated with PPTA for the past four years. She has provided the learners with valuable guidance in Child Psychology and children with special needs.