Montessori Approach

Milestones Montessori School

Milestones Montessori School is an initiative of Pumpkin Patch which started in 2006. Our house of children represents a beautifully crafted environment, designed to meet the needs of children.

It is a joyous place to be in and caters to the child’s natural development. There is no limit to what a child can learn and do. Our environment offers the child limitless opportunities and educational materials to realize his full potential.
Our qualified Montessori adults carefully observe & evaluate each child’s process. The idea is to follow the child’s natural instincts and help children help themselves.

Montessori Environment
Montessori Approach

Montessori Education is an approach developed by Dr.Maria Montessori to educate young children. She dedicated her entire life to develop and advocate her approach popularly known as the Montessori Method. This renowned pedagogy is highly researched and followed in Montessori schools internationally. She opened her own school for young children and called it “ Casa dei Bambini”. Here the child is taught individually and enjoys working at a pace and level suited to his/her needs. The child works with peers of varying ages(2.5 to 6 years) in the same environment, stimulating academic and social growth. The child’s interest and needs are keenly observed and lovingly responded to by a qualified Montessori Adult so that knowledge, independence, confidence and love of learning flow freely.