Teacher’s Testimonials

Banita Saha (PPTA Batch 2016-17)

“Right from the time I started researching on institutes across Pune for Pre-School Teachers Training, Pumpkin Patch was the first among those I was targeting. The key points of Pumpkin Patch that caught my attention were its reputation and placements that ex-students of the PPTA course got. After my journey with Pumpkin Patch for the PPTA course, I am proud to be a member of it. I was a complete beginner with a very basic knowledge, and the PPTA course worked wonders! I am now very well prepared for handling Pre-Primary classes.

All faculties of Pumpkin Patch are very sincere, dedicated and easily approachable. A lecture plan is made for each subject and is sincerely followed throughout the semester. In a nutshell, measures are taken to make sure that the course is completed as per the syllabus. The innovative assignments for each subject provide many opportunities to students to come up with ideas that relate to the subject. Also the practical experience that was provided by taking us to actual classrooms and involving us in the annual fun fair and annual function helped a lot in enhancing my skills that could not have been learned through academics. The faculty have helped me to understand where my strengths and weaker aspects lie, and what areas I need to pay attention to. Besides being really educational, my study experience was loads of fun too! Student participation is heavily encouraged and the networking was awesome.

An extremely professional set up, fantastic faculties with lot of industry experience. I learnt so much more than I expected! Fantastic study experience. Highly recommended !!”

Srividya (PPTA Batch 2015-16)

PPTA has given me an insight towards a child’s holistic development. It has helped me to understand that focus needs to given.toall areas of development which will help bring out the best in the child. The classroom experiences and the field visits.to various places added to our practical knowledge.

Shweta Mehta (PPTA Batch 2015-16)

I was a PPTA learner of the batch 2015-2016. Out of the curiosity to explore the world of early childhood education, I chose Pumpkin Patch to pursue my diploma as it offers a full time course which gives hands on experience to its students in terms of classroom experience and dealing and handling children in the age group of 2- 6 years.
The experience of diploma at Pumpkin Patch is extremely satisfying and useful to me as a teacher now. It has helped me gain confidence in teaching, trying creative and innovative ideas with children , classroom management and above all the knowledge that a preschool teacher needs to deal with children..
I surely recommend PPTA to future early childhood aspirants.