What is the duration of this course?

The duration of this course is six months with an extension of three months.

Can I download the study material?

Yes, definitely the content of each module can be downloaded as per your requirement.

Any videos of theory/practical available?

Along with the modules, relevant links will be provided as per the requirement of the module.

Is the curriculum supported with practical exposure?

Since it’s an online training program the course will not have practical exposure.

Do you provide assistance for placement after the course?

Yes assistance would be provided to you by providing you the references of good schools in the surroundings.

What are the prerequisite for Certification?

Any Undergraduate or a graduate can enrol for the program.

Are the timings flexible?

Since it is an online program you can access as per your convenience. To support your queries ,you will have the access to office faculty between to 9:00am to 3:00pm on the week days.

Is the course affiliated to any of the university?

We are not affiliated with any of the university. But the course is designed in such a way that it is accepted all over.

Are there any classroom experiences during the programme?

Since it is an online training programme it is not mandatory to have any classroom experiences. The guidelines provided through theory will help you conduct classes as a teacher.

Is there any online assistance during the course?

Yes, online assistance will be provided during the working hours (9am to 4pm).

Is the programme guided by trained professional?

Yes, experienced & certified professional are a part of this online training programme.

Can the fees be paid in instalments?

The fees are payable in two installments.

Can the course be extended beyond nine months?

The course has to be completed in the stipulated time span. In case of the course is incomplete and you have to complete the same, it will be considered as a fresh admission.

Is there any need to visit the institute during the training programme?

Since it is an online training, it is not necessary to visit the institute.

Will the study material be provided in the form of hard copy?

As per your study modules the study material will be provided through a soft copy on your student ID.

What are the career options after the completion of the course?

You can work as a pre-school teacher, be a curriculum Supervisor, co-ordinator, and be an entrepreneur.

If I leave the training programme incomplete will the fees be refunded?

No, the fees will not be refunded.

After the completion of the course can I apply for primary school?

This certification is valid only for pre-school.

Do we have assessment at the end of the course?

Assessment is designed after the end of the course.