Teaching Methodology

What is learning for a child who is as young as 2 years?

The first learning experience for the child is learning to be away from the most secure domain of his home. Then comes the formal learning of skills…

We at Pumpkin patch are totally equipped to make this transition from home to school as enjoyable & exciting as possible.

Maximum learning between the ages of one to six takes place through interaction with the environment. All our teaching is done through the project method. This method of teaching is most effective as it provides maximum sensory stimulation for the child. A variety of teaching aids are used by teachers to prepare the child for formal learning and develop his capacity to absorb core concepts across the basic academic spectrum

Our method of teaching takes into account the “readiness” or the maturity level of the child. The idea is to provide ample opportunity to the child to develop at his/her own pace and realize full potential.While care has been the primary concern of the school , Pumpkin Patch gives due importance to inculcate good habits and manners in young children

The teaching is facilitated by age appropriate experiences like toys, stories & poems, celebration, role play, flash cards field trips & participation. This develops convergent and divergent thinking, analyzing and application- which is child’s cognitive development.

All through the year, our calendar is full of events & celebrations for children. An important event amongst all is the Annual Concert, in which children get an opportunity to overcome their stage fear and develop self confidence. The Sports day is an event organized to give a boost to their physical development, relative to their age. All such events aimed at building a complete personality of our young children.

In other words, at Pumpkin Patch – we prepare the child to step into a world full of opportunities & challenges

Our School Readiness program for 2 to 6 year olds is designed to give your child valuable experiences.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum that integrates pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-mathematics and pre-science activities that will enable your child to make a smooth transition to kindergarten and upwards.
We know that preschool child learns most effectively through hands on activities. At Pumpkin Patch these activities are specially designed to meet the developmental needs of a pre schooler.
Your child will blossom in our exciting environment. This special environment promotes an ongoing creative process that encourages the child to observe, make choices, contribute and learn based on his individual strength (i.e. his readiness level)
Guided by well-trained and dedicated teachers, children are exposed to different projects that encourage them to develop self-confidence and acquire a variety of skills.