Parent’s Testimonials

“We congratulate the Pumpkin Patch Team for successfully organising the Funfair 2015.As per the theme ,decoration and the games were too good. We all enjoyed the mouth watering snacks.Warm welcome from the teachers and the maushi’s encouraged us to fully enjoy the event inspite of the rain.”

Parents of Rachit Nautiyal(Sr.KG Pandas)

“I would like to thank all of you for your valuable feedback given in parents-Teachers meet.This help us to understand our kid.Its just one month the school has started and we have found that she has become little expressive & trying
to speak.”

Parents of Yutika (Pre-Nursery Peaches)

“Thanks a lot for the information.Really you all are taking a lot of
efforts for the development of

Parent of Anvay(Pre-Nursery Peaches)

“Saina has been in Pumpkin Patch for 4 years and not even a single day she has complaint about anyone, any teachers, our Kakas or maushis. I am proud to be a part of Pumpkin Patch.”

Parent of Saina (Sr Kg pandas)

“Congratulation to you all for successfully organizing the annual concert. It was superb and very well executed. Thanks for taking lots of efforts and making our child perform confidentially on stage.We once again congratulate you and thank you for always being there for our child and helping him in
overall growth.”

Parents - Rachana and Dharmendra

“I want to thank you whole –heartedly for your love & care .You have selflessly and sincerely put in your best to mould us into better indivuals and face the forthcoming challenges in future. A big “THANK YOU” to all Pumpkin Patch Teachers and Maushis….you all are wonderful team working together to make “Pumpkin Patch –The great place for us to grow”. Will miss Pumpkin Patch.”

Parents of Dhavni (Sr Kg Polar Bears)

“I am so thankful to whole staff, teachers, maushis that school was always fun for my daughter & a learning place. Whether it be day care or school very responsible, always understanding the pain of parents & working towards it. Always smiling & greeting children & parents.”

Parent of Sohana.

“Environment at school was always safe and cheerful.Teacher taught in playful ways.All the events were well planned and organised. We enjoyed all annual days,
grandparents’ days, fancy dress and all competitive
exams taken.”

Parents of Aditi Patil (Sr kg Polar bears)

“Highly satisfied with the overall development of my kid! Our child loves the food, music class and the dance practice very much. This is second home for kids while they are away from home. The environment at Pumpkin Patch is really safe, happy & caring. I feel assured when my child is at the daycare. Thank you very much for all your support! This is second home for kids while they are away from home.

Thank you very much for all your support!”

Our Parents

“Three years back, when my younger one grew,
He needs a good school I knew
My steps turned to Pumpkin Patch
Really I feel, it has no other match
I remember the first day of his school,
He cried but teachers made him cool
very soon he was happy there,
As he found lots of care
He learnt to read, write and draw
And he enjoyed it, I saw
He came across many projects
This made his concepts perfect
crafts, picnic, Concerts And Art
Made my kid very smart
Teachers have taught him many things
which gave his mind open wings
mavshi and kakas were very

Parents of Anuj Nayak(Sr.KG Pandas)